Ray & Remora Album Debut: Startle it Up – Review on BuzzBandsLA

Ray&Remora_StartleitUP_cover200x200My band Ray & Remora has a new full-length album of 11 original tunes coming out September 16. Here’s what BuzzBandsLA had to say about it:

“It’s smart, evocative dream-pop that at times recalls the likes of Camera Obscura, Saint Etienne, (certain periods of) Yo La Tengo and, on the opening track “The Happening,” Belle & Sebastian…File under: New indie-pop sophisticates.”
BuzzBandsLA (Kevin Bronson)


The Kibitz Ep10: Comedy

David Wain – (Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models) who reveals the origins of his beefy-calved Israeli character Yaron in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, and gives a shoutout about his summit experience.

Kasher vs Kasher – comedian Moshe Kasher and rabbi David Kasher square off on why jews are funny. Moshe dismisses the popular notion that comedy is about “finding truth” and unearths a little-known fact about Noah and his genitals in the bible.

Dan Patterson (Whose Line is it Anyway, Mock the Week) talks about the rise of anti-semitism in the UK.

Andrea Rosen (Episodes, Stella) talks about how being half-jewish influenced her comedy, and how she hates kugel.

Nana – my 95-year-old grandmother goes blue and tells some hilarious jokes

Episode 9 of The Kibitz: Animals

Ever wondered if kosher meat is more humanely raised and slaughtered than non-kosher meat? Want to know whether the eggs you’re buying are from humanely-raised chickens?

The 9th episode of The Kibitz features an exclusive tour inside Teva Foods, one of the few remaining kosher slaughterhouses in the LA area. We’ll discover how the kosher slaughter process takes place and examine whether kosher is a more or less humane method of processing beef for food.

I also interview Yadidya Greenberg—a Jewish Animal Welfare Advocate, Shochet, and Blogger who works with the Jewish Initiative for Animals—and Devora Kimelman-Block, the founder of KOL Foods, the only purveyor of pasture-raised grass-fed kosher beef in the US.


goldblumEpisode 3 of The Kibitz is an action-packed Valentine’s Day episode all about love. We’ve got an excerpt from Israel Story (the “Israeli This American Life”) hosted by Mishy Harman, brothers Rabbi David Kasher and comedian Moshe KasherLarry Smith of the Six Word Memoir Project, Ronna (of Ronna & Beverly), and my 95-year old nana telling jokes.

And if that weren’t enough to get you kvelling, Jeff Goldblum plays some jazz and banters about jewish holidays.

You don’t have to be Jewish to listen, but it wouldn’t hurt…

Episode 2 of The Kibitz

The second episode of The Kibitz includes interviews with Transparent producers Zackary Drucker (who reveals how the Berlin 1933 storyline from season 2 was partially inspired by true events in her family), and Micah Fitzerman-Blue—who talks about what it’s like being a cisgender male in the writer’s room, and growing up as the son of a rabbi in Oklahoma. 

Also featured are brothers Rabbi David Kasher and comedian Moshe Kasher, Mishy Harman from the great podcast Israel Story, and my 95-year old nana telling jokes!

And, Christopher Noxon tells a hilarious and harrowing story of his conversion—including the adult circumcision ritual! 

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