Homer Simpson Calls Me Out

Last Sunday on The Simpsons, Homer called me out. I may have to finally come out of retirement*. 

*Björn Türoque officially retired in 2005, but vowed that if the US and World Air Guitar Championships were still going on when he turned 50, (he was certain they would not be) he would dust off his air guitar and give it one last go. Now that Homer has called him out, it seems the deal is sealed. Or is it…? 

Stay tuned, people. 

The Thin Layer – First Episode


Soil is at the center of many of the most important stories of our time. It’s where we grow our food. It’s where we find our medicines. The microbes in soil outnumber the stars in the galaxy, and without them life above ground would be impossible. Climate change, desertification, colonizing Mars, the biggest pandemic you’ve never heard of—soil’s the unsung hero, or the villain hiding in plain sight.

There’s a saying: “Man has only a thin layer between himself and starvation.” It’s true, and it’s also about much more than that. Let us guide you on this journey through dirt.

A New Podcast: The Thin Layer

Yes, I’m digging deep and scratching the surface on my next podcast. It’s about soil. There will be puns. But there will also be cool science-y stuff about all the crazy things going on in that thin layer of dirt that separates us from life and death: soil.

Like, did you know that there are more microbes living in a hand full of soil than there are stars in the galaxy? Pretty much every antibiotic we’ve ever found was first discovered in soil. And one-fifth of the world’s population is infected with a soil-borne parasitic worms. ONE-FIFTH!

More info about The Thin Layer, here.

Second Season of The Kibitz Available Now!

Can religion exist without God? Is Jewish atheism an oxymoron? Find out on The Kibitz podcast.

Our season two premiere is about Jewish atheism, and features Rabbi Susan Goldberg from LA’s Wilshire Boulevard Temple, the president of American Atheists David Silverman, legendary British comedian David Baddiel, and president of the Secular Coalition for America Herb Silverman.


The Kibitz Ep 15: Sinatra, Israel, and a Bag Full of Cash

I tell the story of two strangers in the night, a bag full of cash, and a ship full of weapons bound for the fledgling state of Israel in this special episode dedicated to Frank Sinatra’s jewish activism.

In 1945, Frank Sinatra made “The House I Live In”, a short film in which he confronts a gang of kids bullying a Jewish boy and tells them to stop being Nazis and start being American. It’s disturbingly relevant today. In this episode I also talk about the film, and Frank’s lifelong commitment to #antisemitism.

Guests: Anthony Summers, David Lehman, Shalom Goldman, Paul Karolyi, and Tony Michaels.

The House I Live In (1945) – shockingly relevant today, considering what’s been going on in the world…

Ray & Remora Album Debut: Startle it Up – Review on BuzzBandsLA

Ray&Remora_StartleitUP_cover200x200My band Ray & Remora has a new full-length album of 11 original tunes coming out September 16. Here’s what BuzzBandsLA had to say about it:

“It’s smart, evocative dream-pop that at times recalls the likes of Camera Obscura, Saint Etienne, (certain periods of) Yo La Tengo and, on the opening track “The Happening,” Belle & Sebastian…File under: New indie-pop sophisticates.”
BuzzBandsLA (Kevin Bronson)