One Last Quest to Become the World’s Greatest Air Guitarist…

In 2005, when I officially retired from air guitar competitions, I vowed that if they were STILL going on when I turned 50 (something I thought impossible) I would come out of retirement and compete again. Since then, I have enjoyed my role as the Master of Airemonies for numerous competitions around the globe.

But, a promise is a promise. So last month in Oulu, Finland, I dusted off the invisible axe and competed one last time, performing to a song dedicated to my eldest daughter.

Did I win? No. I barely qualified for the finals, and then didn’t make it to the second round. It’s a young man’s game, let’s face it.

But I did what I came to do, and had a damn good time. And I love everyone that keeps the air guitar community going after all these years, particularly you @nordicthunder. It’s a weird group of weirdos I’m weird to be a part of!

Many thanks to @cranebanjos, @marrrteen and Kurt Brown aka Shred Nugent for their help on the track.



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