Dan Crane is an Emmy-nominated documentary writer, producer and director who has worked with Kennedy/Marshall Documentaries, Tremolo Productions, Altimeter Films, Wavelength Productions, Participant, Grain Media, Radical Media, Uninterrupted/Spring Hill, and others.

Rather, a documentary Crane wrote about the life of journalist Dan Rather (directed by Frank Marshall) premieres on Netflix April 24, 2024.  His directorial debut, Let Me Be Me (Wavelength Productions) premiered in November 2021 at DOC NYC and is distributed by Greenwich Entertainment. It was nominated for an Outstanding Arts and Culture Documentary Emmy in 2023.

Crane’s documentary career began in 2004 working with Morgan Neville (20 Feet from Stardom, Won’t You Be My Neighbor).

As a journalist, his writing has appeared in the New York Times, California Sunday, the Wall Street Journal, and many others.

He also co-stars in the cult documentary Air Guitar Nation. Of his air guitar alter-ego, Malcolm Gladwell once noted: “Björn Türoque is so good that people with real guitars now have contests to see who can do the best imitation of his air guitar imitation.”

In 2004, Crane gave up a career as an educational software producer to pursue his dual dreams of becoming a journalist, and the world’s best air guitarist. He succeeded at one of them.

Under the nom d’air Björn Türoque (pronounced to-RAWK), he competed in numerous competitions, repeatedly coming in second place. Though he was never crowned a world air guitar champion, Crane/Türoque retired in 2005 and became the official “Master of Airemonies” for the annual US, and World Air Guitar Championships.

Crane is the author of “To Air is Human: One Man’s Quest to Become the World’s Greatest Air Guitarist” (Riverhead Books, 2006).

“Bill Murray trapped in the body of Sid Vicious…”
–The New York Times

He has lectured on the art, history, and technology of air guitar at Columbia University, UNC Chapel Hill, Seattle’s Experience Music Project Museum, Google, NASA and TEDx.

“He’s charismatic, handsome, engaging and the anti-Ryan Seacrest. And he has a way about him that keeps everyone attuned to what’s happening on stage.”
–The Post Game / Yahoo Sports

Crane also played bass and sang in faux-French roque band Nous Non Plus. Their first album was on the CMJ top-10 for four weeks, peaking at #6. . His other band, The Quick Hellos, had a song featured on the HBO hit series TRUE BLOOD. His band Ray & Remora’s video for “Gold Soundz” (a Pavement cover from their 1994 EP) features cameos by Kim Gordon, Jeff Goldblum and Steve Malkmus.

He’s also composed music for film and television. His credits include Air Guitar Nation,  20 Feet From Stardom, No Kid Hungry (Food Network, 2012) The Cool School (PBS, Fall 2007), Hollywood Home Movies (A&E, 2005), How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It) (2005), and The Third Date (independent short, 2003).

And yes, he hosted a podcast too. Who doesn’t these days?

Dan lives in Yorkshire in the North of England with his family and his air guitar.


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  1. Hi Dan…It’s Renee ..now Renee Abbot. You might just remember me from a past life called Illumina, possibly. I’m living in NZ with my husband and daughter. I came across your youtube video with Flight of the Concords. Hilarious!! Congrats on your air guitar success! Quite original career….
    Just thought I would say a little hi and so glad to see life is going well. xx

    1. Hey Renee! Nice to hear from you and congrats on living in NZ – it’s an amazing place! Yes, things just got weirder after Illumina. And they have remained weird ever since. Take care and thanks for writing!

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