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  1. Hi Dan,

    Ran across your website and saw some of the things you have bee up to. Sounds like you have had some great successes with your writing, Air Guitar, Comedy. Just though I would drop you a note and say hi and wish you all the best. Liked your article on the house. I could relate to what you went though in a similar way.

    I always talk about the time we all worked together on Congo. The best review was…. “The Game was better than the movie”

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks Tom! Good to hear from you. Yeah, it’s been a crazy ride ever since those glorious Congo days…and, thanks for the kudos about the house article. Sorry (?) you related to it! Take care, sir!

  2. Dear Tom,
    I enjoyed your slate piece (and can relate to the joy/terror of the truckload of parental stuff coming your way), which led to your house piece. I went the other way around. I had my own home for years (with a husband, we got it when I was 21 years old–thanks to living in the midwest it was cheaper than renting) and recently moved to apartment life. The simplicity is fun, but I’ve been missing my house. I loved being able to work on it and refinish things they way I like. I hope you are still enjoying it, and hopefully enjoying not getting hit up with constant rent increases (though I guess LA gives some relief over OC, which has no rent control–13.5% this year).
    Nice job on the blog. Do you have stand up gigs coming up? Would love to see postings of upcoming shows; they’d be a great excuse to cruise into LA.
    All Best,

    1. Hi Jennifer – thanks for reading! I still enjoy the house, immensely. As to standup, I didn’t last long. I’m afraid what’s online is the last of my official career doing standup; though, I do host the US air guitar championships every year, and we usually have an LA show. I make a lot of jokes during that – some of them have even been thought of as funny! — THANKS! — (oh, and it’s Dan, not Tom, but I’m not bothered!)

  3. oops! sorry! I’d just read Tom’s comment, so…. Thanks for your note, Dan.
    I’ll keep an eye out for one of the contests.

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