SoundBites is a TV/web show concept I created. In each episode I hang out with bands and find out what they like to eat when they’re out on tour. So far I’ve done a pilot, featuring Flight of the Conchords, and a short webisode with Pinback.


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-Linked on food blogs: LA Times: The Daily Dish, LAist, LAtaco
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Since the dawn of time, musicians have been travelers—wandering minstrels. And despite Willie Nelson’s insatiable desire to get back on it, when it comes to decent food, The Road can be brutal.

So how do our modern day rock stars survive when they’re out on tour? Sound Bites is here to find out.

Each week on Sound Bites, our intrepid host will travel with a different touring band as they scrounge for standout sustenance amongst America’s greasy diners, ubiquitous fast-food chains and gurgling truck stop buffets.

Each episode will be a perfectly balanced medley of food, travel and music—an aural, culinary, cultural odyssey as we seek out the perfect pre-gig, or late-night post-show meals. Band members will act as discerning food critics, sometimes leading us to their favorite local underground haunts.


Rob Crow of Pinback talks about fiber, his love for Newcastle, and life on the road…

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