Procreative – My New Men’s Fertility Blog

2004052000591601I just launched a blog called Procreative – all about issues related to men’s fertility. I did some crowdsourcing on Facebook to find the name. Some of my favorite submissions included: Future shot, Papa was a Frozen Load, Take a Load off Danny, The Loadown, The Father Load, You’ve Got Male (fertility issues), and…The Huffington Post.

I still really like Papa Was a Frozen Load, but the blog is really about a broad variety of issues related to men’s fertility. If I eventually end up using my frozen sperm to father a child, I look forward to the day when I can sing to my grandchild: “Papa was a frozen load / a vile in cold storage was him home, etc…”. Assuming I have a son. Or a kid, for that matter…

Anyway, have a look. You just might learn something!

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