Thanks Everyone!


Just wanted to say thanks to all the kind words from friends and random strangers about my story in today’s Times. It’s not exactly the story I ever thought I’d write, but it’s nice to know people liked it.

Here’s a photo collage I made that the Times wasn’t able to run showing the ceiling demolition.

Also – I didn’t really include the fact that the property is a duplex (and trust me, renovating two houses at once is even more fun!) I rent it out on Airbnb, so check it out and if you’re coming to LA anytime soon, perhaps you can stay here!

I’ll also note that the one thing that kept me from completely coming unglued was having a kick-ass contractor. Those are his legs dangling from my ceiling. If you’re in LA and you need a really nice, funny, totally honest contractor, let me know!

Piece coming out in NY Times


A piece I wrote about my trials and tribulations renovating a house (and the subsequent destruction of my marriage) will be coming out in the NY Times soon. I’ll post again about it…but here’s a before/after photo in the meantime.

Welcome to my new site

droppedImageThanks to Apple’s idiotic MobileMe debacle and their discontinuation of iWeb, I’ve moved my site to WordPress. I’ll be updating it periodically with news and other exciting things. Thanks for stopping by.