Procreative – My New Men’s Fertility Blog

2004052000591601I just launched a blog called Procreative – all about issues related to men’s fertility. I did some crowdsourcing on Facebook to find the name. Some of my favorite submissions included: Future shot, Papa was a Frozen Load, Take a Load off Danny, The Loadown, The Father Load, You’ve Got Male (fertility issues), and…The Huffington Post.

I still really like Papa Was a Frozen Load, but the blog is really about a broad variety of issues related to men’s fertility. If I eventually end up using my frozen sperm to father a child, I look forward to the day when I can sing to my grandchild: “Papa was a frozen load / a vile in cold storage was him home, etc…”. Assuming I have a son. Or a kid, for that matter…

Anyway, have a look. You just might learn something!

The Swedes Invade LA! A short piece I wrote for the NY Times / T Magazine

15culture-look-swede-tmagArticleThrongs of Swedes eager to escape the land of the midnight sun are traveling to the land of eternal sunshine. Blame the obvious (weather), the logistical (Norwegian Air Shuttle’s new direct flight from Stockholm) or the sartorial (Acne Studios’ opening of a West Coast outpost); whatever the reason, Los Angeles has become a new home away from ‘Holm for many Swedish creatives. “Without fail, every single day there’s a bunch of Swedes in the lobby,” says Fredrik Carlstrom, who ensconced himself at the newish Ace Hotel while overseeing the recent launch of Austere, a nearby Scandi-centric retail showroom and event space. Come late next year, downtown L.A. will also house AYD (short for “All Your Dreams”), a Nordic-influenced members club designed by Andreas Fornell (formerly Acne’s in-house architect). AYD will boast Swedish chefs (Adam & Albin of Matstudio in Stockholm) and club “ambassadors” like the pop icon Robyn. “A lot of people are skipping New York and going straight to L.A.,” says Patrik Berger, who co-produced the Swedish duo Icona Pop’s massive 2012 hit “I Love It.” “It’s all in L.A. when it comes to pop music.”

Entertainment Weekly Premieres Ray & Remora Video for “Gold Soundz” Featuring Kim Gordon, Jeff Goldblum (and his dog, Woody), Stephen Malkmus and More!

ew-ray&remoraMy band Ray & Remora’s new video for “Gold Soundz” premiered today on A big thanks to everyone who participated and helped out!

Directed by Snäckan B.
Edited by Ted Malmros
Shot by Snäckan B & Ruben Broman

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Kim Gordon
Mike Viola
Money Mark
Scott Shriner
Inara George
The Gold Soundz 1994 Dancers: Erica Carpenter, Stephen Patterson, Yvonne Lacombe, Erin O’Brien (with choreography by Caitlin Adams)
Jeff Goldblum (& Woody the poodle)
Stephen Malkmus

Special Thanks:
Miwa Okumura, Katrina Dickson, Lisa Milberg

Ray & Remora EP “1994” Out Today

Ray & Remora’s new EP is out today on iTunes, Amazon, and the usual outlets.

It’s called 1994, and it’s a new band I’ve started with my friend Amanda Walker called, RAY & REMORA.
The EP is all covers of songs that came out 20 years ago, in 1994. If you were a fan of indie rock in the 90’s, I think you’ll like the songs. And if you weren’t, well, check it out anyway!
Buy it now on:
Aeronaut Records (best place to buy if you want the CD)
Track listing:

1) Like a Fool (Superchunk)
2) Gold Soundz (Pavement)
3) Say It Ain’t So (Weezer)
4) Skull (Sebadoh)
5) Feel The Pain (Dinosaur Jr.)
6) The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory (Guided by Voices)


Check out our video for “Say It Ain’t So”

Ray & Remora (my new musical endeavor) premiere

RayRemora1994_7frontHere’s a link to stream a track off my new EP, Ray & Remora / 1994. The album comes out May 6th, and I’m pretty darn proud of it. It’s six songs—all covers of songs that originally came out in 1994.

Some great videos are being crafted in our video factory right this very minute. I’ll post those as soon as they are ready.

In the meantime, enjoy Pavement’s “Gold Soundz,” as recorded by Ray & Remora!

Pre-order the CD via Aeronaut Records.

Here’s a track listing:

1) “Like a Fool” (Superchunk)
2) “Gold Soundz” (Pavement)
3) “Say It Ain’t So” (Weezer)
4) “Skull” (Sebadoh)
5) “Feel The Pain” (Dinosaur Jr.)
6) “The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory” (Guided by Voices)

Commander in Cheek

ALEXA MEN March_Cover_Reid Scott_dan craneNY Post /  Alexa for Men Magazine / Cover Story

Chief of  Smarm Reid Scott Suits Up for Another Season of Capitol Scheming on VEEP. 

Reid Scott and I met up for coffee (news flash: he drank tea) at LAMill in Silver Lake. Here’s how it all went down.