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  1. That was an excellent article, Dan–a great blend of design and life decisions. It was inspiring to read that you were able to stick with the house and renovation, even after she left, and turn it into what you wanted.

  2. Liked it on a lot of levels [anxieties of aging, home buying, and divorce]. Oh, and “the bulk of my 30s and the dawn of my 40s pretending I was still in my 20s”

  3. Loved the honesty in your New York Times piece, Dan. So sorry about the breakup of your marriage. That’s really rough. As a mom who has been through a lot, who is not much older than you are, and who picked out my first pair of reading glasses at age 41, I would gently remind you that you are actually not only well into adulthood, but you are technically middle-aged. Each age has its own grace. When one grows in wisdom, through experience and even pain, eternal youth doesn’t look so appealing. BTW, the house looks stunning.

  4. Dan,
    Thank you for the well-written piece in the NYT. It resonated with me because this is approximately the same thing that happened to me many years ago – but add a baby to the mix. I look forward to your memoir and wish you the best with your writing, the house and life. Also, if your contractor does work in Orange County, I’d like to get his contact info. There are still a few projects left in the house that I turned into a home for my daughter and myself.
    Thanks again,

  5. Excellent article and lovely pictures. I loved the oven as well, as a cooking enthusiast i was enthralled by it. if you don’t mind can you tell me the maker of that oven.

    1. Thanks! The oven is a Gaffers and Sattler, pretty common in LA I believe – I found it on Craigslist for $350! It needed (and still needs) a little TLC, but generally works great. Glad you liked the story…

  6. Dan … Your NYT piece resonated with me as I have gone through a similar experience (minus the house, and thank God no children). My heart ached as I read of your reaction, stirring all too recent and familiar emotions. I’m so happy for you that you stood by YOURSELF and your house project, which turned out beautifully. Thank you for sharing such a personal time in your life and for making me believe that there IS life and love (somewhere out there) after one’s partner runs away.

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